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Louisville Lexington Wedding Sendoff

It wasn’t until I came across Louisville Lexington Kentucky wedding photographer, Adam Brennan’s work.

There are a whole lot of things I remember about my wedding day 12 years ago. I remember that we only had 2 months to plan it before our move to Texas. I remember that the groom and I were both awkward and not particularly anxious to be the center of attention for a whole day. I remember vendors miraculously being available 2 months before a June wedding in the Seattle area. I even remember the vendors. Most of all, I remember the feelings of that day. But of the things I most remember, those feelings, I don’t have real record of, and fear losing the most.

When you plan a wedding in 2 months, when the top recommended vendors just happen to be available, you don’t question, you don’t hesitate, you just throw up a quick prayer of gratitude, book ’em and keep rollin’. And we did. 12 years ago everyone didn’t have websites to check out and digital photography meant books of tiny photo thumbnails to pour over. Referrals required actually calling a past bride and groom and talking to them.

Truth be told, I had no idea what I was doing anyways. Even when I called the referral number for the photographer, I was basically making a general inquiry to make sure the photog hadn’t started any bar fights or thrown a camera at the mother of the groom. I hadn’t been the girl planning my wedding day since I was 6, artistic is not a word often associated with me and if a wedding planner tells me “goodness yes, this guy” I will believe her. And after the fact as I did, indeed, pour over what seemed like millions of microscopic thumbnails, I just remember feeling “blah.” My husband was handsome, there were a couple of me that looked like me in a wedding dress, there were some sweet ones of kids on the dance floor, all the people we wanted were in there, but I just couldn’t connect and beat myself up a little, thinking I was being too critical.

It wasn’t until I came across Louisville Lexington wedding photographer Adam

‘s work, years later, that I finally began to understand the disconnect for me. I mentioned earlier that the groom and I are awkward and that’s being kind. We are Chandler Bing in front of a camera and couldn’t bring ourselves to dramatically stare into each other’s eyes in front of a well placed potted plant. It simply wasn’t us. And as I scrolled through Adam’s work, I was wowed that the Louisville Lexington wedding photographer Adam found all the emotions and all the feelings and all the things I wanted to remember, in brief heart-achingly simple moments. There were no manufactured moments or feelings. Weddings, by nature, bring plenty of the real thing.

The moments I remember are the glimpses of loved ones simply being a part of the day that changed my life so much. I remember the moment my dad first looked at me in my dress and I could have sworn he teared up. The kiss my sister blew me after singing at my wedding. All of the personal moments that are special on their own, without any need to create it. The real stuff. And there, picture after picture in Adam’s gallery, was the real stuff, caught by someone who trusted it was more than enough because it was perfect.

Which brings me to the whole point of this. What would I have done differently? What questions would I have asked? Could I have had a different experience?

If I could do it all over again, the only thing I would have done differently is really take the time to be honest and examine my priorities. I would appreciate a time in technology that allows access to some many people and their work and their vision and I would talk to them. What do they “see” at weddings? What do they “see” as their role in my wedding? Are they making perfect pictures and photo ops, or are they capturing memories and moments?

I think before anyone chooses a wedding photographer, you need to know what’s important to you. Do you have the pictures in your head that you have always wanted or have seen somewhere and the “glossiness” of the photos are a deciding factor? That’s a real thing. And it’s a fine thing. I have friends who could have drawn their wedding albums before the event ever happened and to get what you want is going to be the most important thing you can do, so be honest with yourself. Be really honest.

For most, I believe, you desire, Louisville Lexington wedding photographer, Adam’s unique gift of finding the balance between traditional “wedding pictures”, and finding raw moments. And each one is infused with the sweetness and the emotion that magically captures people and not faces. That haven’t been photoshopped to the point where you just see a picture. I have photos Adam took at a friend’s wedding that I actually laughed out loud at, along with the moment in the photo because it was so real. It was exactly her, as I always think of her, in the middle of her beautiful laugh and then I cried. It was perfect.

So get out there. Visit sites, visit people, talk to them about your priorities and get honest. Get really really honest with yourself. If you have a photo list a mile deep of pictures you definitely want included, tell them. If you want a good party and the photographic evidence to go with it, tell them. But before anything else, I would say visit Louisville Lexington wedding photographer Adam Brennan’s site and really look at the pictures. You can have all the beauty and more with someone who has the talent and the confidence to let your special day determine the special moments and a wedding photographer who is patiently looking for them.

– Lindsay Cruser, Lexington, KY.

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