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About Adam Brennan

Adam Brennan has a fascination with history and people. His curiosity with people and their past gives him the ability to see people in a deeper context. Adam's approach is natural and real. His goal is to provide his customers with photographs with a soul and a story to tell about their journey.

Adam's passion for photography goes back over 20 years when he first purchased a Kodak 110 camera. As a teen he bought his first 35mm Minolta film camera. Adam didn't know the technical aspect of the camera as a young teen, but knew he had a tool that would allow him to express what he sees. To further his knowledge, Adam enrolled in art and photography courses in school. His style is influenced from many hours browsing through National Geographic magazines as a child and personal experiences being adopted. He remembers viewing the photographs and without reading a word, he understood the message. The emotions of the images he saw were incredible and has been a strong influence in his work.

Currently Adam Brennan operates out of the Louisville - Lexington KY area. Adam is available for travel to other location in the United States. If you have an interest in with working with Adam, please reach out on the contact page for a consultation.

"My goal is to deliver on quality and natural emotion." ~ Adam Brennan


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